Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms

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Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are some of the most sought after, and considered good for beginners.

According to Cervante’s (from Shroomery) Journal:

The Golden Teacher is a classic cube. GT is very domesticated and is a good candidate for multispore inoculation.

Nobody seems to know where the Golden Teacher Cube came from but it was likely discovered in the Gulf region of the USA. This cube has been around for quite a while and has been sold by many vendors. It can produce average to large flushes of average looking cubes. Some GT’s can grow to be quite large. Some may display a nipple on the top of the cap and according to Workman, the occasional ‘wart’. Colonization and fruiting times may be a little slower than average. Opinions about the GT are quite mixed. Some love it, some hate it.

Remember, mind set and setting are everything – and your breath always comes into play as well!

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